General Meeting Information

The Montpellier Club Macrophage (MCM) and Macrophage Club of Toulouse (MCT) will organise the first Symposium of the Occitanie network of Monocytes-Macrophages (SoMM2017). This meeting is a joined initiative between the scientific communities of Montpellier and Toulouse aiming at gathering experts of the novel district named Occitanie around the biology of monocytes/macrophages. 

In an intense 1 day meeting of 180 selected junior and senior researchers from the academic and private fields, cutting edge work on monocyte/macrophage biology and their involvement in inflammation and diseases will be presented, new collaborations will be established, networking is facilitated and partnership with other biomedical fields and the industry promoted. Each year will have a specific flavor and be alternatively held in Montpellier or Toulouse. For this first edition in Montpellier, we choose to address topics more specific of the local scientific community, which include ontogeny, regeneration and disease.

The registration is now opened. 

Registration fee includes 2 coffee breaks and a lunch

50€ for senior,

20€ for PhD, trainees or residents,

free for selected abstracts. 

(CLICK HERE to see modes of payment )

We hope that SoMM2017 will be an interesting meeting for you and that you will enjoy your stay in Montpellier. 




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